Coding Styles

GIT conventions

In general terms, we agree with almost everything said in this blog post about GIT conventions and so should you. We only add/differ the following:

Commits should try to be as simple (atomic) as possible, but not simpler. Meaning you should always be able to revert specific fixes, edits, updates, adds, and removes with git revert


  • Two spaces for indentation, never tabs.
  • var everything, never comma first.
  • Single quotes only, never double quotes (opposite to HTML/Jade).
  • Avoid trailing whitespace. Blank lines should not have any space.
  • Inline documentation for new methods, class members, etc.
  • One space between conditionals/functions, and their parenthesis and curly braces
  • if (..) {
  • for (..) {
  • while (..) {
  • function (err) {
  • Use Yoda conditions, always 'string' === typeof el instead of typeof el === 'string'.


  • See .stylintrc file. More info:
  • For module specific styles, comply with #unique-template-top-node-selector .my-generic-css-update { ... }
  • .classes and #ids should only be used to reference from CSS files. If you want to use some element from JS use data-* to always be sure where the element is referenced from.
  • For multiple, comma-separated selectors, place each selector on its own line.
  • Attribute selectors, like input[type="text"] should always wrap the attribute's value in double quotes, for consistency and safety (see this blog post on unquoted attribute values that can lead to XSS attacks).


  • Two spaces for indentation, never tabs.
  • Double quotes only, never single quotes.
  • Avoid trailing whitespace. Blank lines should not have any space.
  • Use CDNs and HTTPS for third-party JS when possible. We don't use protocol-relative URLs in this case because they break when viewing the page locally via `file://.

Local Modules

  • Each Module should be placed in it's containing folder on /lib, as NodeJS Starter. (e.g. /lib/sidebar, /lib/models)
  • Entry points:
  • Server side JS: index.js. (e.g. /lib/db-api/index.js)
  • Client side JS: ${module-name}.js. (e.g. /lib/sidebar/sidebar.js)
  • Client side CSS: styles.styl. (e.g. /lib/sidebar/styles.styl)
  • Main HTML template file is template.jade. (e.g. /lib/sidebar/template.jade)